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中国和欧盟 / China and EU

中欧经贸合作 / Business cooperation between China and the EU

China EU flagsMETAL PRO公司与中国有着多年的商业合作,可以准确提供中国与欧盟的营销和业务合作。/ METAL PRO company offers marketing and business cooperation between China and the EU based on years of experience and with the help of strategic partners:

  • 为客户进行广泛的市场调研和战略销售,旨在建立最佳业务,创造长期的收入机会。/ conducts extensive market research and strategic sales for its clients, with the aim of building an optimal business and creating long-term revenue opportunities.
  • 为客户提供优质的产品,包括附合欧盟标准的材料,定制商品,各种工用和民用机械设备。/ offers quality products to its customers and enables trade of materials, machinery and equipment between EU and Chinese market.
  • 迎合投资者的利益,我司在国际市场多年经验的专业人员,为客户提供最佳的欧洲投资方案。/ caters to the interest of investors and provides professional staff with many years of experience with international markets. That way it provides the best solutions for clients.
  • 我公司提供中国与欧盟间商业项目和投资项目的合作咨询服务。/ the company also offers consulting services regarding business cooperation between China and the EU.

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